• Jim Webster created the group T14
    The T14 series were prototypes for the M30 ammunition resupply vehicle that operated in conjunction with the M12 155mm self-propelled gun. Becuase of the limited ammunition supply carried by the M12 they usually operated in a ratio of 1 T14/M30 to...
  • Jim Webster created the group M30
    The M30 was the production variant of the T14 ammunition resupply vehicle to the M12 self-propelled gun series. Variants: M12 ~ Base vehicle series. M30 ~ Production version. T14 ~ prototype series.
  • Jim Webster created the group M12
    The M12 155 mm Gun Motor Carriage was a US self-propelled gun developed during the Second World War. It used the chassis of the medium tank M3, and was armed with the 155mm gun M1919, M1917A1, or M1918M1. The guns were virtually identical, and used...
  • Jim Webster created the group T6
    The idea for a self-propelled 155mm gun based on the M3 medium chassis was first proposed in 1941 and the T6 prototype was built and test in early 1942. It was later standardised as the M12. Variants: M12 ~ Production 155mm SPG series. M30 ~...
  • Jim Webster created the group TaK
    TaK [Lit; Tankabwehrkanone or anti-tank gun] was an early german designation used mainly during World War One. Variants: Tak Fischer ~ Improvised 37mm anti-tank gun. Tak Rheinmetall ~ Rheinmetall design. Tak Krupp ~ Krupp design.
  • Jim Webster created the group FlAK
    The FlAK [Lit; Flug Abwehr Kanone] is a designation of german origin for an anti-aircraft gun. It is also used by other nations with appropriate modifications to suit their language. Variants: 2.0 cm Flak 28 ~ Oerlikon gun purchased prior to...
  • Jim Webster created the group PaK
    The PaK [Lit; Panzer Abwehr Kanone] is the designation for an anti-tank gun, mainly used by the Germans it is also used by other nations with appropriate modifications to suit their language. Variants: 2.5cm PaK 112(f) ~ Captured Hotchkiss mle...
  • Jim Webster created the group Northover Projector
    The Northover Projector aka Projector, 2.5 inch was an ad hoc anti-tank weapon used by the British Army and Home Guard during the Second World War. With a German invasion of Great Britain seeming likely after the defeat in the Battle of France, most...
  • Jim Webster created the group Carro Armato Celere Sahariano
    The Carro Armato Celere Sahariano (Lit: Saharian Fast Medium Tank) was a prototype medium tank developed by Italy during World War II to match the speed and firepower of contemporary British cruiser tanks encountered by Italian forces during the...
  • Jim Webster created the group Cavalier
    The Cavalier aka Tank, Cruiser, Mk VII or A24 was an interim design of British cruiser tank during World War II. It was derived from the A15 Crusader tank and was superseded by the A27 Centaur/Cromwell. Variants: A24E1 ~ Pilot model for...

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