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    Variants: 120S ~ M60/Abrams hybrid vehicle. AB1~ Jordanian armoured recovery vehicle. AB1P2 ~ Jordanian Army armoured recovery vehicle. AB9B1 ~ Jordanian upgrade with 120mm smoothbore gun. AB9 Phoenix ~ Jordanian upgrade with supplementary...
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    The C-3 series of circular, plastic bodied anti-tank mines are designed to damage or destroy a vehicle by blast effect. The mine body has a large diameter fuze cavity centered on top. The mine has no provision for anti-disturbance devices although...
  • Jim Webster created the group T-54
    Variants: BTS-1 ~ Turretless version of the T-54A. BTS-1M ~ improved or remanufactured BTS-1. BTS-2 ~ Improved design. BTS-2 DDR ~ Early production BTS-2 in service with the DDR. BTS-2 [Early Production] ~ FIrst production version with small...
  • Jim Webster created the group T-72
    Variants: Ajeya ~ Indian army T-72M1. Ajeya Mk 2 ~ Upgraded Indian Army T-72M1. Asad Babyl ~ T-72 variant built under licence by Iraq. BLP-72 ~ Polish designed triple-section folding bridgelayer tested by DDR. BMO-T ~ Specialist transport...
  • Jim Webster created the group Ra'ad
    Variants: Boragh - Base vehicle chassis of the series. Ra'ad-1 ~ Fitted with turret from Gvozdika series. Ra'ad-2 ~ Fitted with turret derived from the M109 series. Thunder 1 ~ See Ra'ad 1. Thunder 2 ~ See Ra'ad 2. Unidentified Variants
  • Jim Webster created the group Boragh
    Variants: Boragh [Ambulance] ~ Ambulance version. Boragh [ASV] ~ Ammunition Supply Vehicle. Boragh [IFV] ~ Infantry fighting vehicle armed with open mount HMG. Boragh [IFV Variant 1] ~ Improved IFV version with shielded HMG mount. Boragh...

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