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    Tube based mine projectors. Variants: MV-1 ~ Mine projector. MV-2 ~ Mine projector. MV-3 ~ Mine projector based on three tubes. General Recognition Points: Tube configuration.
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    The Tanque 'Nahuel', Modelo DL 43 was a totally indigenous design of medium tank built in Argentina in 1943. The name means Tiger in Araucano, a native langauge of the south of Argentina. The design bears a great resemblance to the M4, but it was...
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    Henry Wang
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    The AGM (Lit; Artillery Gun Module or Artillerie-Geschütz-Modul) is an air-portable self-propelled howitzer designed by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. It is based on technology used in the German Army Panzerhaubitze 2000 (PzH 2000) system, to provide an air...
  • Administrator created the group Tamoyo
    The Bernardini bult Tamoyo was a Brazilian main battle tank that never reached production status and never passed beyond the prototype stage (1983). it was based on the US M41 Bulldog, which Bernardini had been upgrading for the Brazilian Armed...
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    The M733 Assault Vehicle, Full Tracked, Amphibious was produced by Pacific Car and Foundry for the Marine Corps in 1966. Variants: M733 ~ Production version. M733 [TW] ~ Version used by Taiwan. M733 RAICV - Upgunned version. XM733 ~ Series of...
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    The XM733 Assault Vehicle, Full Tracked, Amphibious  was produced by Pacific Car and Foundry for the Marine Corps in 1966. Basically it was an armored version of the M116 used as an amphibious gun-truck escort for M116 cargo carriers, especially...
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    Series of armoured command & reconnaissance prototypes based on the M116 Husky series. Variants: XM729 [AATR] ~ Aluminium Armor Test Rig C&R prototype. XM729 [ATR A] ~ AAV prototype with GE hydromechanical drive-train. XM729 [ATR B] ~...

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