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    The BTR-82 armored personnel carrier is a latest version of the BTR-80 family. It is an improved version of the BTR-80A/S with some minor improvements which entered service back in 1994. It was developed largely as a stop-gap for a BTR-90, whose...
  • Jim Webster created the group BTR-94
    The BTR-94 is a Ukrainian modification of the Soviet BTR-80. BTR-80 ~ Base vehicle series. BTR-94 ~ Infantry combat vehicle version. BTR-94 [IQ] ~ Version used by Iraq. BTR-94 [JO] ~ Version used by Jordan. Recognition: Four-axle...
  • Jim Webster created the group BTR-90
    The BTR-90 series consists of 8×8 wheeled armoured vehicles developed in Russia, designed in 1993 and first shown publicly in 1994. It is a larger version of the BTR-80 vehicle. Armour protection is improved compared with the BTR-80, giving...
  • Administrator created the group BTR-70
    The BTR-70 (Lit; Armoured Transporter) series are based on an eight-wheeled armored personnel carrier originally developed during the late 1960s under the industrial designator GAZ-4905. On August 21, 1972, it was accepted into service as a...
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  • Jim Webster created the group BTR-80
    The BTR-80 (Lit: Bronetransporter) is an 8x8 wheeled amphibious armoured personnel carrier designed in the USSR. It was adopted in 1986 and replaced the BTR-60 and BTR-70, in the Soviet Army 1V118 ~ Series of BTR-80UNSh based artillery command...
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