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  • Jim Webster created the group Crocadile
    The Crocodile Armoured Personnel Carrier aka Croc is a Rhodesian armoured personnel carrier first introduced in 1977 and based on Nissan, Toyota or Isuzu 5-tonne truck chassis. It consisted of an  armoured capsule faceted at the sides and a flat...
  • Jim Webster created the group LAAC
    The LAAC (Lit: Light Ariborne Armoured Car) was adesigned by Nicholas Straussler for use by airborne forces utilising the Horsa glider which was the largest avialable at the time. It was not adopted for service. Variants: LAAC [Concept] ~...
  • Jim Webster created the group S-10
    The S-10 aka TAM-150-OT was a series of improvised armoured vehicles based on a TAM-150 chassis. Variants: S-10 ~ MICV version with HMG turret. Strijela-10 CRO A1 - Air defence version utilising Strela-10 launcher. Recognition: 6x6...
  • Jim Webster created the group S1
    The S1 was an armoured car produced in Australia in 1942 as a result of a USAAF requirement for a light armoured car to be used in patrolling and airfield defence. 40 vehicles were produced by Ford Australia based on a Ford F15 4x2 chassis and a...
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  • Jim Webster created the group Al Fahd
    The Al Fahd armoured vehicle was developed by the Abdallah Al Faris Company for Heavy Industries, which is based in Saudi Arabia and is is the first armoured vehicle designed and built in Saudi Arabia. It entered production with 100 vehicles ordered...
  • Jim Webster created the group Caveirao
    The Caveirão (Lit: Big Skull) is a security van that has been adapted into military-style assault vehicle for use by the special police of Brazil’s state of Rio de Janeiro. Among the modifications made to the original security vans are a turret and...
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  • Jim Webster created the group Rakhsh
    The Rakhsh is a lightweight Iranian 4x4 cross-country APC developed and produced by DIO's Shahid Kolah Dooz Industrial Complex and named after Rakhsh, the mythical horse of Rostam in Shahnama. It is probably based on a 4 × 4 cross-country...

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