• Jim Webster created the group ACMAT VBL
    The ACMAT VBL series are literally armoured versions of the ACMAT TPK.40 truck. Variants: TPK 420 BL ~ Internal security version. TPK 650 BL ~ 6x6 armoured personnel carrier. VBL ~ Armoured scout/liason vehicle. VBL [Reconnaissance] ~ Version...
  • Jim Webster created the group ABI
    This vehicle is based on the chassis of the ARO-240 all-wheel-drive vehicle and is similar in appearance and concept to the US Cadillac Gage Ranger. Typical roles of the ABI include the protection of high-value targets and internal security...
  • Jim Webster created the group AB40
    The Autoblinda series was developed by Spa and Ansaldo during the Spanish Civil War period to replace the ageing Ansaldo armoured cars. The first prototype, the AB38, was tested in mid-1939.The vehicle had a number of unique features. It had...
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  • Jim Webster created the group M577
    Variants of the Series: M577 ~ Initial production version with a prominent weld line and petrol engine. M577 [IT] ~ Version used bt Italy. M577 Trackstar ~ Egyptian conversion mounting Trackstar radar. M577 [LY v1] ~ Libyan version fitted with...
  • Jim Webster created the group M1068
    The M1068 SICPS (Lit: Standard Integrated Command Post System) vehicles are upgraded vehicles with improvements to the original M577A2  which include provisions for a two workstation ATCCS system, improved work areas, AC/DC power and communications...
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